The Zero 88 Juggler DMX Controller is a 19” rack-mountable lighting console that is comprised of 24 channels. Faders are set in two preset layout for simpler crossfading and the fade time function allows for fading times up to a generous five minutes.

This lighting controller is particularly suited to smaller venues such as schools, religious events, for rental purposes and conference events. It can be used for larger events with the wide mode feature which allows for 24 channel operation with an internal scene store for two-preset functionality. The 12 sequence of 99 steps can be used manually to provide easy cue point lists with go button operation.

Zero 88 Juggler 12/24 DMX Desk

    • 12/24 channels
    • 2 preset manual functionality
    • Flash buttons
    • 12 sequences of 99 steps
    • Multiple channels per step
    • Sequence master
    • 19” rack-mountable
    • Fade timer (up to 5 mins)
    • Speed control
    • True dipless crossfade
    • Grand master
    • Wide mode
    • External PSU
    • DMX 512 5-pole XLR connection
    • Power 100-240V / 50-60Hz  
    • Dimensions of 48.3cm length x 26.6cm width x 8.8cm height
    • Weighs 4.5kg
    • Includes PSU, power lead and 19” nooks