Van Damme Black Series Tour Grade Speaker Cable offers a comprehensive conductor size and core count to accommodate almost all potential speaker signals. From 2 core 1.5mm through 8 core 4mm to 18 core 2.5mm the ultra pure copper conductors, cutting edge PVC compounds and dynamic use focused construction provide accurate signal transmission, toughness and flexibility.

Van Damme Black Series Tour Grade 4 core, per metre

    • Conductor Bare ultra-pure oxygen free copper
    • Insulation PVC
    • Jacket Flexible PVC composite Jet Black RAL 9005
    • Working Voltage 300/500 V (N.B. 268-545-016 not suitable for 240 Vac lighting circuits)
    • Bend Radius 10 x overall diameter
    • Operating temperature Static -20 to +70 0C
    • Flexing -10 to +70 0C