The Si Performer also takes mixing out of the dark with powerful digital audio mixing facilities married to a DMX 512 controller allowing for the first time the mixing console to also run the lighting rig! 'Music & Lights; these have been partners in the entertainment and production industry since amplified sound met the electric light but until now even the simplest lighting setup would require a separate lighting controller console, road case and somewhere to put it; Soundcraft Si Performer changes everything. Empowering the console with a DMX interface, the Soundcraft Si Performer is able to utilize the power of motorised faders, Soundcraft FaderGlow™ and a console automation system to provide a flexible automated lighting controller ideal for schools, churches, touring theatre companies and conference productions.

The Si Performer 3 features 32 local recallable mic pre amps and 8 stereo inputs along with two ViSi Connect™ option card slots with an additional 128x96 input/output paths (one 64x64 expansion slot and another 64x32 expansion slot). Able to utilise Si series ViSi Connect™ option cards, the Si Performer gives a large range of additional digital I/O connectivity including the MADI USB Combo, BSS Digital Audio Bus (BLU Link), Dante™, CAT5 or optical MADI, AVIOM™, CobraNet™ and others with a massive mix capacity of 64 mono inputs for a total of 80 inputs to mix. Each input channel has dedicated processing for high pass filter, input delay, gate, compressor and parametric EQ. Keeping you in control are 8 VCA busses, 8 mute groups, FaderGlow and colour backlit name displays on every channel so you are never lost.

All Si Performer consoles have busses and output processing to match the versatility of the inputs; the 14 aux/group mixes can be configured as 14 mono mixes or 8 mono plus 6 stereo mixes, whilst the matrix mixes can be mono or stereo as needed. The bus and matrix mixes are complemented with four mix busses dedicated to the internal Lexicon FX processors and left, right and centre busses with options for mixing left/right + mono/centre or left/centre/right (LCR). Each bus features a compressor, 4 band fully parametric EQ, graphic EQ and delay always available all of the time.

To complement the channel and bus processing all Si Performer consoles integrate four Stereo Lexicon FX processors based on the MX400 providing a wealth of sounds, user adjustable parameters and dedicated tap-tempo keys. As the FX are hardware-based use of all the effects even on the most demanding programmes do not affect the processing in any way and all dynamics, PEQ and all bands of all 31 graphic EQs are available all of the time.

Flexible onboard and expansion I/O options ensure the Si Performer integrates effortlessly with other system components; along with the 16 mic inputs there are eight analogue line inputs, AES in and out, 16 analogue line outputs, headphone monitor out, a 64x64 channel expansion slot and another 64x32 expansion slot each capable of utilising any of the Si series option cards including CAT5 or optical MADI. The MADI card, as well as being an interface to multi-track recording systems or plug-in systems like Waves, enables linking the Si Performer to any of the Soundcraft or Studer stageboxes to extend the I/O power and flexibility; but all this power is nothing without control and here the Si Performer excels with a comprehensive but 'simple to use' control surface.

As you would expect from any Soundcraft digital mixer the facilities are extensive and include legendary audio quality courtesy of latest generation EMMA™ DSP processors, the same DSP platform that has helped propel the Si and Si Compact series to industry standard status; this power united with reliability and flexibility puts the Si Performer in a class of its own.


Soundcraft SI Performer 3

  • Frequency Response

    • Mic / Line In to any Output: +/-1.5dB, 20Hz-20kHz


    • Mic Sensitivity -30dBu < 0.01% @ 1kHz


    • Residual noise -86dBu
    • Mic Input E.I.N. 22Hz - 22kHz, Unweighted. (max gain)
    • 126dBu (150Ω source)
    • Mix noise, masters at unity < -86dBu
    • 1 input to mix at unity gain -84dBu
    • CMRR mic @1KHz (max gain) -80dBu

    Crosstalk (@ 1kHz)

    • Channel ON attenuation <120dB
    • Channel Fader attenuation <120dB
    • Mic – Mic -100dB @ 1KHz, -85dB@10kHz
    • Line – Line -100dB @ 1KHz, -85dB@10kHz

    Input Gain

    • Mic Gain -5dB – 58dB integrated pad design, 1dB steps
    • Line Trim -10dB - +16dB


    • Threshold -60dBfs - -6dBfs
    • Depth -60dB - -3dB
    • Attack 0.1ms – 200ms
    • Release 20ms – 500ms
    • Side-chain HPF 22Hz – 2.5kHz
    • Side-chain LPF 160Hz – 20kHz


    • Threshold -52dBfs - -6dBfs
    • Ratio 1:1 – 20:1
    • Attack 0.1ms – 200ms
    • Release 5ms – 900ms
    • Makeup Gain 0dB – 24dB


    • All Bands 22Hz – 20kHz, +/-15dB Q 6-0.3
    • Shelf (HF) 800Hz – 20kHz, +/-15dB
    • Shelf (LF) 20Hz – 500Hz, +/-15dB- HPF 40Hz – 1kHz


    • User adjustable delay 1sample – 500ms
    • GEQ 31Hz – 16kHz 1/3 octave


    • 31Hz – 16KHz 1/3 octave

    Digital I/O

    • AES Sample rate converter range 8kHz – 200kHz
    • External Word Clock In range 48kHz +/-7Hz (internal systems), +/-3Hz with stageboxes.
    • Word clock out jitter +/- 7ns
    • Analogue out for 0dBfs +21.5dBu
    • Converter resolution 24-bit
    • DSP resolution 40-bit floating point


    • Mic In to Line Out <0.8 ms
    • Analogue in to AES out <0.6 ms
    • AES in to Line Out <0.8ms
    • AES in to AES out <0.5ms
    • Stagebox Mic In to Stagebox <0.9mS

    Input & Output Levels

    • Mic Input +22dBu max
    • Line Input +22dBu max
    • Mix Output +21.5dBu max
    • Headphones (@150Ω) 300mW (recommended impedance 75 to 200Ω)

    Input & Output Impedances

    • Mic Input 3kΩ
    • Line Input 10kΩ
    • AES Input 110Ω
    • Outputs 150Ω (balanced), 75Ω (unbalanced)
    • Word Clock used as Output 50Ω
    • Word Clock used as Input 4K7Ω
    • AES Output 110Ω
    • DMX 120Ω


    • Max current 200mA
    • Lamp Output
      • 12v DC 100mA max (per socket)


    • Consumption (typical) <130w Si EXPRESSION 3
    • AC Input voltage range 88-264VAC auto sensing
    • AC Frequency range 47-63Hz

    Operating Conditions

    • Operating Temperature Range 5°C to 45°C
    • Humidity 0%-90%, non condensing Ta=40°C 
    • Storage Temperature Range -20°C to 60°C 

    Physical & Dimensions

    • Height: 170mm
    • Width: 940mm
    • Depth: 536mm
    • Weight: 21.5kg