You don't just want to hear your music. You want to feel it. That's exactly what you get with the Mackie Thump 15A. Loaded with a high-performance amplifier capable of producing a massive 1300W (peak) of power, you can experience what Thump really means...

The 15A's ultra-efficient amp boasts Mackie's Dynamic Bass Response™ technology, as well as a higher voltage power supply. Combined with a high-output 15'' woofer, the Thump loudspeakers deliver a low-end response with phenomenal impact and an extremely rapid response to transients. No matter where you are or what style of music you're playing, you can rely on the Thump 15A to pump out powerful, dynamic sound every single night. Hook up your sound sources in seconds. With its integrated 2-channel mixer, the Thump 15A makes signal management easy. The mixer boasts two Vita™ preamps with Wide-Z™ technology. These let you connect microphone, line, and instrument signals without any hassle, so you no longer need an external mixer when you only intend to use one or two inputs.The Thump 15A also features a selection of four different modes to optimise your sound for a variety of situations. These modes provide quick and easy settings for full-range music, intimate live sound, stage monitoring, and for when you're using a subwoofer. No complicated layered menus and endless parameter adjustments. Simply choose the mode that best fits your needs, and you're all set.

Mackie Thump 15A

    • Equipped with: 15" High performance woofer, 1.4" titanium compression driver
    • 1300 W Class D power (LF: 1000 W, HF: 300 W)
    • Amplifier with Dynamic Bass Response technology for fast transient playback and powerful bass
    • Integrated 2-channel mixing console with Vita Preamps and Wide-Z technology
    • 4 Application-specific speaker modes for various applications
    • Digital precision crossover
    • Automatic run-time and phase correction of the loudspeakers
    • Protection system in case of overload or overheating
    • Maximum SPL: 127 dB
    • Coverage pattern: 90° x 60° degrees
    • Frequency response: 32 - 23,000 Hz
    • XLR Thru output
    • Integrated stand mount
    • Robust housing for intensive use
    • Angled on two sides for use as a stage monitor
    • 4 Handles
    • Universal power supply (100-240 V AC) with power conditioner for reliable performance on an unstable power supply
    • Dimensions: 686 x 442 x 356 mm
    • Weight: 15.8 kg