The MVS Hazer is a high specification hazer, fulfilling the majority of applications where higher demands are required. It combines variable haze output with accurately controlled variable direction (0-90 degrees) and sweep, over a wide range. A fully featured system, it also benefits from the health and safety benefits of a sugar based haze fluid


Le Maitre MVS Hazer

  • Control & Programming

    • Control is manual or via DMX 512
    • Controllable: Volume output; Projection distance; Direction 0-90 degreeso Sweep speed
    •  Memory for all settings. Memory recall on start-up for “switch-and-go”
    • Automatic 2 minute cleaning on start-up
    • Detachable fluid carrier (optional)


    • Fan output – up to 125 cubic metres/hr
    • Fluid consumption: 3cc to 80cc/hr (which equals 800hrs/2.5L bottle to 30 hrs/2.5L bottle).
    • Average fluid consumption 65hrs/2.5L
    • High current control of vapour tube
    • High power air pump
    • Accurate fan control over wide range
    • Large diameter hazing tube for extended working life
    • Self-cleaning increases reliability and machine life
    • Odourless; Non-greasy; Non-flammable; Non-carcinogenic
    • Tested and safe for use on live stage performances

    Physical / Electrical

    •  Size (HxWxL): 340 x 160 x 340mm
    •  Weight: 12 Kg
    • Power: 230v, 50/60Hz, 3000w, 3A