The Behringer X-Touch Compact Universal USB/MIDI Controller is designed to work with virtually any professional audio production software imaginable, therefore no setup required, allowing you to enjoy instant operation straight out of the box. The Dual-Layer mode on the X-Touch Compact provides lightning-fast switching between DAW and instrument control whilst the 16 rotary controls allow for instant parameter alterations. The X-Touch Compact includes a built-in USB MIDI interface for direct connection to a Mac or PC as well as standard I/O ports for controlling external hardware.

Behringer X Touch Compact

  • General​​​​​​​

    • Rotary Push Controls With LED Collar: 16
    • Buttons With LED Backlight: 39
    • Faders: 9 Motorised Faders, 100 mm, Touch-Sensitive
    • Foot Control(Expression): 1/4'' TS
    • Foot Switch (Sustain): 1/4'' TS
    • Presets (*User Programmable): A*, B*, MC Mode
    • MIDI Input: 5-Pin DIN
    • MIDI Output: 5-Pin DIN
    • Communication In USB Mode: MIDI Interface For Computer Only
    • Communication In Stand Alone Mode: MIDI In With Merge To MIDI Out
    • Computer Connection: USB 2.0, Type B
    • USB Hub
      • Type: Multi-TT USB 2.0
      • Connectors (x2): USB 2.0, Type A
      • Voltage: 5V
      • Communication: Between External Devices and Computer, Not To Unit
      • Active: Hub Active Only When Unit In USB Mode


    • Weight: 3.7 kg
    • Dimensions: 100 x 391 x 301mm