The Behringer X-LIVE X32 Expansion Card offers the opportunity to open up your X32 desk. Make live recordings with a 32-channel mixer and play audio with the SD/SDHC card and USB audio/MIDI interface. With this card, you can record for up to 3 hours with an audio quality of 48 kHz/32-bit PCM! The use of SD cards, USB recording and playback can all happen separately and with the help of markers, you can set the tracks in position during recording or playback. Last but not least, it's operable via PC, Mac, Android or iOS!

Behringer X-Live Card

  • General

    • Behringer X-LIVE expansion card for X32
    • 32-channel live recording and playback
    • up to 3 hours: 48 kHz / 32-bit PCM, WAV
    • 32-channel bidirectional USB 2.0 audio / MIDI interface
    • remote control via: PC, Mac, Android, iOS, Behringer X-TOUCH and similar hardware
    • sample synchronised automatic spanning
    • compatible with:
      • Mac OSX CoreAudio
      • Ultra-low latency ASIO drivers for Windows