The Behringer Wing is a digital mixing console with 48 input channels, 16 stereo buses, 4 main outputs, 8 matrix buses, a user interface with 24 motorized 100mm faders and a 10" touchscreen display. The Behringer Wing is based on the successful Behringer X32 platform and extends the possibilities and ease of use in every aspect.

Behringer Wing

£2,599.00 Regular Price
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    • Number of analogue input channels: 8
    • Number of analogue output channels: 8
    • Number of channels: 33-64
    • Number of microphone inputs: 5 - 8
    • Digital inputs: AES/EBU, Ethernet
    • Digital snake: yes
    • Digital outputs: AES/EBU, Ethernet
    • Dynamics: compressor, expander, gate, limiter
    • Equalizer: 6-band parametric
    • Input connector: jack (6.3 mm), XLR
    • Built-in audio interface: USB (multi track)
    • Built-in audio player: USB
    • Built-in effects: yes
    • Insert connectors: no
    • Input level meters: via built-in display
    • Remote control: via iPad, via iPhone
    • Connector position: back
    • Type of display: touch screen, colour
    • Expansion possibilities: ADAT expansion card, DANTE expansion card, MADI expansion card
    • Output connector: XLR (3-pins)
    • Volume control: motorised faders, via iPad / iPhone / iPod, via touchscreen