The speaker is equipped with a powerful 12-inch woofer, which lends itself particularly well to speech and vocals. A 1.35-inch driver is also on board for the highs, and features a large synthetic horn construction to make the speakers even lighter and more compact. With a weight of only 14.5 kg, the B112D is exceptionally lightweight for its class. Further weight is shaved off of thanks to the class D amp module by Behringer, which delivers no less than 1,000 watts of power!  

Behringer B112D

  • Features

    • Bluetooth:  no
    • Tweeter diameter: 1.25 inches
    • Woofer diameter: 12 inches
    • Weight per speaker: 15 kg
    • Built-in equaliser: yes
    • Maximum SPL: 127dB
    • Maximum frequency: 20
    • Minimum frequency: 50
    • RMS power in watts: 750 - 1,499 W
    • Analogue audio input type: balanced line in (TRS jack), microphone input (XLR)
    • Analogue audio output type: balanced mix out (XLR)

    Weight and dimensions including packaging

    • Weight (incl. packaging)15.0 kg
    • Dimensions (incl. packaging)37.0 x 44.0 x 67.0 cm